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Plotting Trends - A Periodic Table Student Laboratory Kit

Plotting Trends - A Periodic Table Student Laboratory Kit, AP6290
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Plotting Trends - A Periodic Table Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Help students visualize trends in the properties of the elements! Does ionization energy increase going up or down a column in the periodic table? Do atoms get smaller or larger from right to left across a row? Most students have a hard time answering these questions, since they cannot see or feel the quantities involved. Visualizing trends from only numerical data is almost impossible.

In this cooperative lab activity, students use reaction plates and plastic straws to build three-dimensional charts of element properties. As students examine their models, they will clearly identify periodic trends. Let students discover for themselves the existence, direction, and meaning of periodic trends. Includes reproducible student handouts, background information, and complete Teacher Notes with sample data and charts.

Complete for 24 students working in groups of four. Reaction plates are reusable from year to year. The only consumable items are the straws. Metric rulers are recommended and available separately.

Straws, Plastic, Wrapped, 500/pkg
Jumbo plastic straws are 8" long with a diameter of 1/4". Package of 500.
Ruler, Metric/English, Transparent, 30 cm

Exactly the same as Flinn Nos. AP8290, AP4684 except transparent so the user can see through the ruler.
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