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Auto-Mixing Pitcher - Chemical Demonstration Kit

Auto-Mixing Pitcher -
Chemical Demonstration Kit, AP6296
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Auto-Mixing Pitcher - Chemical Demonstration Kit
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By: Steve Spangler
Regis University, Denver, CO

Watch as a colorless solution poured from a seemingly normal pitcher suddenly turns color! Here's how it works. A chemical is placed in a small fixed container located at the bottom of a pitcher. Another chemical is placed into the body of the pitcher. As the pitcher is tilted, and poured into a beaker, the chemicals mix and a chemical reaction occurs, causing a color change. Any color-changing chemical reaction can be performed using this extraordinary pitcher! Captivate your student's imagination while using this versatile auto-mixing pitcher. Enough materials are included to perform this demonstration seven times.

Concepts: Clock reactions, oscillation reactions, indicators, catalysts.
Time Required: 15 minutes
Materials Provided: Pre-assembled auto-mix pitcher, instructions.


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