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Simple Circuits - Super Value Laboratory Kit

Simple Circuits - Super Value Laboratory Kit, AP6302
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Simple Circuits - Super Value Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Do your students know how to connect a series circuit? What about a parallel circuit? Students use lightbulbs and alligator-clipped wires to build simple series and parallel circuits and study their characteristics. By observing the brightness of the lightbulbs, students will learn that the amount of electric current flowing through the lightbulbs varies with the different circuit configurations. Includes complete instructions and valuable Teacher Notes with teaching tips, sample data, and answers to student questions.

Super Value Kit is complete four groups of students, and all materials are reusable! One 6-V battery is required for each group and available separately.


Batteries, Lantern General Purpose, 6 V

The AAA, AA, C, D, and 9 V batteries shown are all alkaline batteries. Consumer Reports states that while alkaline batteries cost three to five times more than acidic batteries, alkalines last 10 times longer.
Light Bulb, Miniature

For use with all our lamp boards and receptacles.
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