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Build a Flask Form Electroscope Demonstration Kit

Build a Flask Form Electroscope Demonstration Kit AP6328
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Build a Flask Form Electroscope Demonstration Kit
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By The Flinn Staff

You'll be shocked by how well this simple, do-it-yourself electroscope works! Large, aluminum-covered foam ball stores static-electric charge better than most commercial electroscopes. A variety of simple electrostatic demonstrations can be performed showing students how the parts of the electroscope work. Use the PVC rod, test tube and wool fabric provided to produce negatively and positively charged rods to charge the electroscope. Next, use the charged electroscope to test the polarity of different objects' static-electric charge. Kit includes enough materials to build one electroscope. Teacher Demonstration Instructions and background information are provided. Needle-nose pliers with wire cutters are required, but not included.

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