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Solubility Patterns - Chemical Demonstration Kit

Solubility Patterns - Chemical Demonstration Kit, AP6353
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Solubility Patterns - Chemical Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Are there any patterns or periodic trends in the solubility of alkaline earth metal compounds? Don't give students the answer to this question-let them discover it with this demonstration! Recreate the solubility pattern of the alkaline earth metal chlorides with four testing reagents in a microscale reaction plate on an overhead projector. The periodic trend instantly reveals itself. Two worksheets offer a valuable review of double replacement reactions and net ionic equations. Teacher Demonstration Notes included. Enough materials are included to perform the demonstration seven times.

Alkaline earth metals, periodic trends, solubility rules, double replacement reactions.
Time Required: 15 minutes
Chemicals Provided: Barium chloride solution, calcium chloride solution, magnesium chloride solution, strontium chloride solution, ammonium oxalate solution, potassium iodate solution, sodium carbonate solution, sodium sulfate solution.


  • Solubility Patterns
    Solubility Patterns
    Investigate solubility patterns for alkaline earth metal compounds via double replacement-precipitation reactions.
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