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Investigating Pulleys - Student Laboratory Kit

Investigating Pulleys - Student Laboratory Kit, AP6355
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Investigating Pulleys - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Students experiment with one of the oldest and simplest of machines—the pulley. By placing pulleys in various combinations and arrangements, students will soon discover for themselves how pulleys can be useful in making work easier. The mechanical advantage of various pulley combinations will be experienced firsthand by your students. Quantitative measurements are done with a spring balance. Student recall of pulley principles is guaranteed to increase after this hands-on experience. Includes two single pulleys, two double pulleys, pulley cord, and detailed kit instructions.

Complete for one student group. Super Value Kit is complete for 8 student groups. All materials are reusable. Newton scales and masses are available separately.


Spring Scale, Pull Type, 250 g/2.5 N
Calibrated in both grams and Newtons to allow students to measure mass or force. The large adjustment knob at the top provides for easy zeroing. Constructed of clear, durable plastic for easy reading and to withstand repeated student use. The large...
Replacement Hook Weight, 500 g

Replacement hook weights for hook weight set OB2118.  
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