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Discovering Instant Cold Packs - Guided-Inquiry Kit

Discovering Instant Cold Packs - Guided-Inquiry Kit, AP6375
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Discovering Instant Cold Packs - Guided-Inquiry Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Instant cold packs are familiar first aid devices used to treat injuries. Why does the cold pack feel cold? How much heat is absorbed when the cold pack solid dissolves? In this inquiry-based lab activity, students analyze a cold pack, design a calorimetry experiment, and determine the heat energy change for the cold pack solid dissolving in water. Use the pre-lab to guide students through the planning required for success:

• What information is needed to calculate the heat energy change for a reaction?
• What are the independent and dependent variables in the calorimetry experiment?
• What other variables will affect the experimental outcome?
• How will these variables be controlled?

Students learn there is more to a successful experiment than chemicals and glassware! Includes reproducible student handouts, detailed background information, complete Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to questions, and all chemicals and calorimeter supplies needed to perform the lab.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs. Digital thermometers are recommended and available separately.


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