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Electron Configuration Bingo - Super Value Game

Electron Configuration Bingo - Super Value Game, AP6379
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Electron Configuration Bingo - Super Value Game
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By: John Thompson
New Castle Crysler H.S., New Castle, IN

Teach students the basics of electron configuration while playing an exciting game of bingo!

Introduce students to the Aufbau principle, the Pauli exclusion principle and Hund's rule. Each bingo card lists various electron configurations. As the teacher reads corresponding clues, students cover the correct electron configuration. By the end of play, students will have also learned about valence electron configurations, noble gas cores, and ion configurations. Game includes bingo chips, electron configuration bingo clues, electron order of filling diagram student master, periodic table student master and 24 bingo cards. Teacher Notes and helpful playing tips provided.

Super Value Game is complete for 24 students working individually. All materials are reusable.


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