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How Much Is a Mole? The Mole Eudiometer - Demonstration Kit

How Much Is a Mole? The Mole Eudiometer - Demonstration Kit, AP6385
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How Much Is a Mole? The Mole Eudiometer - Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

How much is a "mole"? This question continues to baffle students! Abstract calculations can provide an actual number, but seeing is believing! You can actually show your students how much space a mole takes up with How Much Is a Mole? The Mole Eudiometer.

• Provide a dramatic visual display of molar volume—generate and accurately measure one mole (or fraction thereof) of gas from a prepared chemical reaction or simple phase change.
• Exhibit and discuss concepts of molar volume change of solids to gas and liquids to gas, limiting reagents, coefficients of reaction, and variation from STP conditions.
• Show 22.4 liters—simply fill the chamber with water, close the system with the apparatus hookup, introduce one mole of gas, and observe 22.4 L of water displacement!

Includes an instruction manual and demonstration guide providing several detailed laboratory write-ups with data tables and sample data.

Eudiometer, stoichiometry, ideal gas law
Materials Provided: 23-L plastic chamber, gas transfer system consisting of a balloon, flask, tubing, stoppers, connectors, and valves. A large, clear, plastic bin capable of holding 96 liters is also provided to contain the displaced water.

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