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Linked Springs

Linked Springs AP6419, etc.
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Linked Springs
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Effectively demonstrate spring properties and simple harmonic motion. This multi-purpose spring set is a must-have when teaching students about springs. Combine the high-quality springs in series or parallel and then hang a mass from the uniquely designed stabilizing hook. Students measure how far the springs stretch and then use Hooke's law to calculate the spring constants for the spring combinations. Students will clearly see that springs in series produce a weaker system compared to a single spring. They will also see that springs in parallel provide a much larger force.
These oversized springs can also be used to upscale simple harmonic motion demonstrations allowing every student to see and time the oscillation rate. For advanced lessons, link the springs together, add additional masses, and teach concepts of coupled harmonic oscillators. A horizontal support rod and 1-kg hooked mass are required, but not included.

Hook Weight Set, Economy Choice
Black painted weights have a non-movable hook on top. Bottoms of weights are recessed and contain a weigh-below bar allowing weights to be hung from each other. Weight set includes one each of 10 g, 50 g, 100 g, 500 g, and 1 kg, and two each of 20...
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