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Collider AP6473
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Three demonstrations in one! Study 2-dimensional collisions between two moving balls and conservation of linear momentum with these unique cycloidal ramps. Our collider will enhance your students’ understanding of elastic collisions, momentum, projectile motion, and kinetic and potential energies.

In the first activity, the ramps' distinctive “equal-time” cycloid curve guarantees that the balls will collide when they are released at the same time, regardless of their initial heights. Next, flip the ramps over and release the balls simultaneously from the top of the straight ramps. Arrival at the bottom of the ramps is “announced” when the balls strike a chime. By varying the height of the two launched balls, each ball will have a different arrival time. Repeat the experiment with the cycloidal ramps to obtain vastly different results! Finally, compare the motion of one ball on the straight ramp to the other on the cycloidal ramp. Students will clearly observe that the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily the fastest! Includes two ½" steel balls and two ¾" steel balls, chime bar, carbon paper and detailed instructions.

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