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Tesla Coil, Tabletop

Tesla Coil, Tabletop, AP6479
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Tesla Coil, Tabletop
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Spark enthusiasm in your classroom! Hold a fluorescent lightbulb near the Tesla coil and watch it glow-no wires needed. Amaze your students by allowing a continuous 50,000-volt electric spark to jump safely onto your finger. You can't do that with a Van de Graaf generator! Use this hands-free Tesla coil to demonstrate the unusual properties of high-frequency electrical phenomena. This electrifying device is bound to have your students asking questions and becoming excited about science and technology. Along the way, teach many important topics such as transformers, electromagnetism, resonating electrical circuits, electric inductance, capacitance, and electrical power transmission. The set includes two antenna plates, small neon lightbulb, mini discharge electrode, and lamp socket. Detailed instructions containing background information and 18 experiments are also provided.

Neon Wand
No plugs nor contact electrodes, yet it still “lights up” when held in a high-voltage field! Your students will be amazed. This neon wand is filled with neon at reduced pressure and will glow a reddish-orange color when you hold it in or...
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