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Acceleration Trolley

Acceleration Trolley, AP6487
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Acceleration Trolley
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Vividly illustrate acceleration with this large-scale inclined plane. Attach the wire cable to the edges of the blackboard, or string it between the walls of the classroom. The low-friction pulleys give the durable, plastic trolley a smooth ride along the wire cable. The cable's long length makes it easy for students to time each run and determine the trolley's position after each second. When students measure the distance the trolley moves between each second they will quickly discover distance is proportional to the square of the time-that's acceleration! Hang additional masses on the trolley and rerun the experiment. Students will see that the acceleration rate is independent of mass. A great way to teach Newton's laws of motion or investigate potential and kinetic energy. Mounting hardware, 30 feet of cable, and complete instructions are provided. Mass set, weight hanger and timer are required and sold separately.

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