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Adventures with Genecon Guidebook

Complete Genecon Hand Generator Experiment Kit AP6586, etc.
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Adventures with Genecon Guidebook
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Arouse your students' interest in electricity with this all-inclusive electricity kit. An assortment of unique equipment is provided for students to conduct over 20 hands-on experiments to discover the properties of electricity and magnetism. Students explore topics in energy transformations, electromagnetism, simple electric circuits, DC motors, Ohm's law, electrolysis, electroplating, and electricity storage. By generating their own electricity using the Genecon hand generators, students become more engaged in the experiments because they will directly see and feel the results of their efforts. Kit includes the Adventures with the Genecon guidebook, one “pulley” Genecon generator with 500-g mass, electrolysis apparatus, lead-acid storage battery, compass, electromagnet set, electric swing apparatus, electric-to-heat conversion device, parallel bulb base, 1-farad capacitor, and all the accessories needed to complete the 24 hands-on electricity activities found in the guidebook. Supplied with two Genecon hand generators-enough for two student lab stations. Additional guidebooks and Genecon hand generators can be purchased separately to set up a variety of electricity experiment lab stations that meet the needs of your classroom.

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