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Electric-to-Heat Energy Conversion Device

Electric-to-Heat Energy Conversion Device AP6589
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Electric-to-Heat Energy Conversion Device
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Demonstrate the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy that then leads to the production of heat energy. A wonderful unit to have to teach concepts of Ohm's law, wire resistance and electrical power loss in wires. Connect the terminals of the conversion device to the Genecon generator. Turn the crank and the supplied mechanical energy will be transformed into electrical energy. The electrical energy then passes through the 5-ohm resistor and heat is produced. A liquid crystal thermometer displays the temperature of the resistor over a range of 10-56 ºC. Your students will definitely feel how much work it takes to raise the temperature of the wire by 10 or 20 degrees. Requires a Genecon generator.

Genecon Generator
Convert mechanical energy into electricity with this rugged power plant! With a turn of the crank, students can conduct dozens of hands-on experiments to study electromagnetism, polarity, simple circuits, resistance, and mechanical work. Nylon-plastic...
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