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Electromagnet Coil and Core Kit

Electromagnet Coil and Core Kit, AP6590
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Electromagnet Coil and Core Kit
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Turn the electricity produced by the Genecon hand generator into a powerful electromagnet! Students experiment with the Genecon hand generator and determine how much physical effort they must exert in order to pick up metallic objects. Next, they can switch to the larger coil and use the same effort to pick up more objects. A great hands-on device students can use to see the properties of an electromagnet in action. Includes one 400-turn coil, one 200-turn coil and two iron cores. Coils measure 2 cm x 3 cm. These electromagnet coils can also be used with a 6-V battery.

Genecon Generator
Convert mechanical energy into electricity with this rugged power plant! With a turn of the crank, students can conduct dozens of hands-on experiments to study electromagnetism, polarity, simple circuits, resistance, and mechanical work. Nylon-plastic...
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