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Ohm's Law Experiment Set

Ohm's Law Experiment Set AP6591
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Ohm's Law Experiment Set
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A fantastic lab to show the relationship between voltage, current and resistance. Students will easily make the comparison between brightness of a lightbulb and the amount of nichrome wire between the clip leads of the circuit. Students will also “feel” the change in the electric circuit's resistance when they power it with a Genecon hand generator. Verify Ohm's law quantitatively by connecting a voltmeter and ammeter to the circuit. Includes 470 mm of nichrome wire mounted on a wood base, wire lead with lightbulb socket and alligator clips, miniature lightbulb and one piece of replacement nichrome wire.

Genecon Generator
Convert mechanical energy into electricity with this rugged power plant! With a turn of the crank, students can conduct dozens of hands-on experiments to study electromagnetism, polarity, simple circuits, resistance, and mechanical work. Nylon-plastic...
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