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The Chemistry of Spring Break - Multi-Demonstration Kit

The Chemistry of Spring Break -
Multi-Demonstration Kit, AP6603
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The Chemistry of Spring Break - Multi-Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

It's spring break. Time to cast off the winter doldrums and embrace the bright new season! Celebrate the arrival of spring with six fun demonstrations:

• An oscillating chemical reaction alternates between frigid blue and sunny yellow, just like the unpredictable spring weather.
• A rainbow suddenly appears, then just as quickly disappears, when alternating colorless solutions are mixed.
• Shake a yellow solution and the color changes from yellow to red to spring green, the color of new plant growth and one of the prettiest colors of the year.
• Spray a special misting solution on paper flowers and watch them bloom—April showers bring beautiful May flowers!
• A blue flower changes to pink as the weather changes and the humidity rises.
• As spring break approaches, all thoughts turn to...VACATION! Sit back and enjoy a chemical “sunset” on your favorite tropical beach.

Concepts: Oxidation-reduction, acid-base reactions, pH indicators, oscillating reactions, reaction mechanisms, LeCh,telier's principle, Tyndall effect, colloids.
Time Required: One full class period
Chemicals Provided: Hydrogen peroxide solution, potassium iodate solution, starch-malonic acid-manganese(II) sulfate solution, sodium hydroxide solution, rainbow indicator solution, hydrochloric acid solution, dextrose solution, indigo carmine, ammonia solution, phenolphthalein solution, thymolphthalein solution, universal indicator, cobalt chloride solution, sodium thiosulfate solution.
Note: Some common laboratory equipment is required but not provided.

Enough materials are included to perform each demonstration seven times.


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