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Metric-ominoes Game

Metric-ominoes Game, AP6610
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Metric-ominoes Game
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By: Jennifer Richey, Rosemary Camp, and Mary Coogan
Liberty High School, Liberty, MO

Metric-ominoes is an entertaining and enjoyable game that helps students learn and reinforces metric prefixes and their numerical values. Plays just like the classic dominoes game. A set of Metric-ominoes are given to each student group. Each domino has one of ten possible decimal prefixes on the left side and one of ten numerical values on the right. Plays are made by matching a prefix on one domino and its correct numerical value on another domino. The student who plays all the Metric-ominoes first in each group is the winner. Teacher Notes, along with six tile sets and reproducible game instructions, are included.

Complete for 30 students working in groups of five. All materials are reusable!


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