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Chemdeck Card Games

Chemdeck Card Games, AP6616
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Chemdeck Card Games
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By: Ken Barker
Lenape Technical School, Ford City, PA

Students are guaranteed to learn the basics of ionic compounds as they play card games they already know and enjoy. Chemdeck Card Games are designed to help students master the skills of writing charge-balanced ionic formulas, naming ionic compounds, calculating molar mass, and learning solubility rules. As students play familiar games such as draw poker or gin, they try to form an ionic compound with the largest molar mass using one cation card, one anion card, and two numbered “subscript” cards. Students must analyze their hands for all possible formulas and molar masses as they compete to have the winning hand. Since no two hands are ever the same, students must create and examine new compounds with each deal.

Kit contains five decks of cards, each containing 26 common cation cards, 28 common anion cards, and 54 numbered cards, and 12 blank “wild” cards. Teacher Notes, reproducible game instructions for three separate games, and one transparency sheet for teacher explanations are also included.

Complete for 30 students working in groups of six. All materials are reusable.


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