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Rubber Band Cannon - Student Laboratory Kit

Rubber Band Cannon-Student Laboratory Kit AP6624
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Rubber Band Cannon - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Shooting rubber bands is a favorite pastime for many students. Now, give your students the chance to safely use their rubber band firing skills while learning about the properties of falling objects and projectile motion. This is a laboratory experience your students will never forget! Students use the scientific method to determine what characteristics of the Rubber Band Cannon allow them to shoot rubber bands certain distances. A target is placed at a specific distance and students must use their data to “dial in” the proper settings to shoot the rubber band onto the target. A great way for students to test the predictability of their results.

Kit includes reproducible student handouts, teacher notes, rubber bands and enough Rubber Band Cannons for eight groups of students. All the materials are reusable.


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