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Bottomless Bottle - Pascal's Law Demonstration Kit

Bottomless Bottle - Pascal's Law Demonstration Kit, AP6643
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Bottomless Bottle - Pascal's Law Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Use this old parlor trick to dramatically demonstrate Pascal's law of equal pressure and the incompressibility of fluids. Fill a glass bottle with water. Firmly grip the neck of the bottle, give the top of the bottle a whack with a rubber mallet and—Pop! The bottom of the bottle drops out. The small force applied to the water in the narrow neck of the bottle becomes a much larger force on the bottle's wider bottom—Pascal's law in action! The force is large enough to break the glass at the base of the bottle. Includes demonstration instructions and enough glass bottles to perform the demonstration twelve times.

Concepts: Pascal's law, incompressibility of liquids, pressure.
Time Required: 15 minutes
Materials Provided: 12 glass bottles, rubber mallet.
Note: Protective gloves are recommended when performing this demonstration and are available separately.


Replacement Bottles, Pkg. of 12
Replacement bottles, package of 12. For use with the Bottomless Bottle—Pascal's Law Demonstration Kit, Catalog No. AP6643.
Gloves, Terrycloth, General Purpose
Affordable, heavyweight glove provides excellent protection against heat, sharp objects, and abrasion. Great for general laboratory use-handling hot glassware, pouring hot agar into plates, inserting glass tubing into stoppers. Durable glove is made...
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