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Launch Pro First Stage Rocket Replacement

Launch Pro Two-Stage Water Rocket Launcher AP6698
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Launch Pro First Stage Rocket Replacement
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This two-stage rocket system blasts away the competition like no other water rocket you've seen! Unique bottle couplers connect the first stage 2-L soda bottle to the second stage 1-L soda bottle, allowing them to be pressurized at the same time. When the rocket launches, the first stage gives the rocket the first few feet of thrust, while the second stage remains pressurized. Then, a few seconds later, the second stage detaches and shoots to incredible heights-twice the height of a single stage rocket under the same pressure. This rocket is a perfect tool to boost your students' understanding of the conservation of momentum and energy, and Newton's laws of motion. Your students will ask to launch this rocket again and again! The tripod launch pad, bottle release mechanism, and bottle coupler are made from durable plastic. Adjustable legs allow for angled launches. Launch single-stage or two-stage water rockets.

Note: First stage bottle with coupler is included. Second-stage, 1-L soda bottle (Catalog No. AP7669) is not included. A bicycle pump is also required, but not included.

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