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Optics Kit, Economy Choice

Optics Kit, Economy Choice AP6709
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Optics Kit, Economy Choice
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Discover the fundamental properties of light with this all-in-one optics kit-at a bargain price! Students will learn about the laws of reflection and refraction, study the images created by convex and concave lenses, and use a prism to separate the rainbow of colors from white light. A perfect kit for classes just starting the topics of optics and light. Optical components are made from durable acrylic to withstand years of students use.
Materials provided include three lenses: double concave and plane, two plane mirrors, five color filters, two equilateral prisms, two plastic lens/mirror supports, one tall lens support, plastic beaker, flashlight and candle. Instruction guide with 20 experiments is also included. Kit tray keeps all the pieces together for easy storage.

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