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Moment of Inertia Set

Moment of Inertia Set AP6714
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Moment of Inertia Set
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Students quickly grasp the concept of moment of inertia while waving wands and comparing the ease at which the two wands can be twirled. Each wand is equal in mass, but the mass of one wand is evenly distributed while the mass on the other wand can be moved along its length. Students will feel the dramatic difference between the efforts they use to rotate each wand.

The second demonstration illustrates how changing the moment of inertia of a ring affects the speed at which it rolls down an inclined plane. Each ring has the same mass, but again, the mass distribution can be changed on one of the rings. Which ring will roll faster? After students perform the initial wand experiments, they will definitely make the connection between the smaller moment of inertia and a faster rolling ring to successfully predict the winner.

Set includes two wands of equal length and mass, two rings of equal diameter and mass, and complete instructions.


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