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Sliding Friction Sled

Sliding Friction Sled AP6732, etc.
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Sliding Friction Sled
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Finally! A demonstration that conclusively shows that frictional forces are independent of the contact area. The uniquely designed base has a wedge shaved out to provide a continuously changing surface area. As the sled is pulled along the base, the contact area increases or decreases but the frictional forces remain constant. There's no other demonstration that shows this principle of friction so decisively! Add weights to the sled and show that the frictional forces are proportional only to the normal force acting on the sled. Base and sled are made from hardwood and will last for years. A spring scale is required, but not included. Base dimensions: 16 cm x 100 cm. Sled dimensions 15 cm x 20 cm.

Spring Scale, Pull Type, 1 kg/10 N

Calibrated in both grams and Newtons to allow students to measure mass or force. The large adjustment knob at the top provides for easy zeroing. Constructed of clear, durable plastic for easy reading and to withstand repeated student use. The large...
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