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Characteristics of Nuclear Radiation - Super Value Laboratory Kit

Characteristics of Nuclear Radiation - Super Value Laboratory Kit, AP6745
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Characteristics of Nuclear Radiation - Super Value Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Alpha, beta, and gamma radiation are quite different in terms of their composition and properties. Different types of nuclear radiation require different types of shielding to protect workers from its harmful effects. Radiation protection comes from three sources—time, distance, and shielding. Students first test a known source of radiation at a prescribed distance from a radiation monitor. They then place different thicknesses of two types of shielding materials in front of the source and record the activity that “penetrates” the material. The results are analyzed to determine the type and amount of material needed to significantly reduce the radiation exposure. In the second part of the experiment, students change the distance between the source and the monitor and determine how the activity decreases as the distance increases.

Includes 8 aluminum and 8 lead shielding squares, along with reproducible student handouts, detailed background information and complete Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to all questions.

Super Value Kit is complete for eight student groups. All materials are reusable. Low-level radioactive sources and radiation monitors are required but not included. The average radiation "dose' from working with these low-level radioactive sources is comparable to that obtained from watching TV.


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