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Simple Form Truss - Classroom Set

Simple Form Truss-Student Laboratory Kit AP6689, etc.
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Simple Form Truss - Classroom Set
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What principles must engineers follow to build safe structures such as bridges, buildings, or even a simple hanging sign? In this hands-on lab, students become structural engineers as they experiment with a simple form truss to determine the most structurally safe and efficient way to hang a sign. As students experiment, they will learn about the properties of second- and third-class levers, static equilibrium and torque. An excellent activity that teaches important science as well as improves students' problem-solving skills!

Individual kit includes one reusable simple form truss. Classroom set includes enough reusable simple form trusses for eight student groups. Introductory and advanced student laboratory procedures, detailed background and teacher notes are provided with both kits. Support stands, 1000-g spring scales, and 500-g masses are required for each setup, but not included.

Includes Flinn Exclusive STEM Integration Guide!


Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 601
Flinn Middle School Catalog/Reference Manual Page 312

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