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Middle School Safety Contract, Pad of 50 (3 -hole Drilled)

Middle School Safety Contract, Pad of 50, AP6765
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Middle School Safety Contract, Pad of 50 (3 -hole Drilled)
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The foundation of any school science safety programs is the development and use of a student safety contract---a contract clearly spelling out the safety rules of the science laboratory that students must follow. Flinn Scientific has developed the ideal safety contract for middle school science labs. Comprehensive safety contract covers life science, physical science and Earth science activities.
Students are expected to read and sign the contract, which signifies that they have been instructed in the requirements for safety in the laboratory. While the contract may not carry the weight of law, it nevertheless provides evidence that the student has been clearly told (in writing) what is expected and understands the rule and policies of the science classroom. A necessary safety and liability reduction aid!


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