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Boyle's Law in a Bottle - Super Value Laboratory Kit

Boyle's Law in a Bottle - Super Value Laboratory Kit, AP6855
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Boyle's Law in a Bottle - Super Value Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Learn Boyle's Law in a safe and environmentally friendly manner! More than 350 years ago, Robert Boyle used trapped air in a glass tube above a column of mercury to study the relationship between the volume and pressure of air.

In this activity, students carry out a modern version of Boyle's classic determination using only a syringe and a special, “pressurized” soda bottle. The airtight soda bottle is fitted with a tire valve and has a sealed syringe inside. Students use a pump to increase the pressure of the air inside the soda bottle, forcing the volume of the gas in the syringe to decrease. Students record the change in volume of the air in the syringe as they release measured amounts of pressure from the soda bottle. Students graph the pressure versus volume and discover the inverse relationship between the two.

Includes eight sets of pressure bottles and syringes, along with reproducible student handouts, detailed background information, and complete Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to all questions.

Complete for eight groups of students. A tire pump and pressure gauges are required and available separately.

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