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Larry's Lost Labels Luncheonette - Chemical Demonstration Kit

Larry's Lost Labels Luncheonette - Chemical Demonstration Kit, AP6874
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Larry's Lost Labels Luncheonette - Chemical Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Oh, no! Labels have been removed from the kitchen containers at a luncheonette. There are four white solids—they all look alike, but are they the same? Students must use the scientific method and their knowledge of physical and chemical properties to solve the mystery. Students learn about chemical reactions, indicators, melting point, and solubility as they help the luncheonette owner reopen for business. This kitchen chemistry demonstration kit is a fun way to introduce basic chemical concepts and to develop students' problem-solving skills. Enough materials are included to perform this demonstration seven times.

Concepts: Chemical reactions, solubility, acids and bases, density, melting point.
Time Required: 25 minutes
Materials Provided: Four nontoxic white, solid chemicals, vinegar, iodine starch indicator, weighing dishes.


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