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Molecular Geometry, Bonding, and Balloons - Demonstration Kit

Molecular Geometry, Bonding, and Balloons - Demonstration Kit, AP6878
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Molecular Geometry, Bonding, and Balloons - Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Imagine! Use balloons to build amazing models of molecular shapes. Make a tetrahedron, an octagon, or even a trigonal bipyramid. Simply tie balloons together with our specially designed multiple balloon holder to help students visualize the shapes of molecules and sketch their three-dimensional structures. Comprehensive instructions guide you through the process to construct every kind of molecular geometry predicted using VSEPR theory. The models are very quickly interchanged so that all structures can be covered. The holder and balloons may also be used to illustrate hybrid orbitals and even sigma versus pi bonding in organic compounds.

Concepts: Covalent bonding, VSEPR theory, hybrid orbitals, sigma and pi bonds.
Time Required: 25 minutes
Materials Provided: All the parts needed to assemble the balloon holder and enough balloons to create 15 models, along with detailed procedures, background information and complete Teacher Notes.


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