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Mapping Earthquakes and Volcanoes Kit

Mapping Earthquakes and Volcanoes AP6881
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Mapping Earthquakes and Volcanoes Kit
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Is there a geologic connection between Mother Nature's most awesome displays of force - earthquakes and volcanoes - or is their occurrence simply coincidental? Let students discover the answer to this question with this active-learning mapping activity. Students first complete a puzzle of the Earth to learn the location of the Earth's major tectonic plates. Then, using degrees of latitude and longitude, their own geographic knowledge, and a chart of the ocean floor; students identify the locations of recent earthquakes and volcanoes. By comparing the marked locations on the chart with their completed puzzles, students are able to determine the geologic relationship.

This kit contains enough materials for a class of 30 students working in pairs. The kit also includes information for accessing government web sites to obtain the most recent listings of volcano and earthquake activity.


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