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Nuclear Fission - Demonstration Kit

Nuclear Fission - Demonstration Kit, AP6883
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Nuclear Fission - Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

What exactly is a nuclear reaction? How is it possible for so much energy to be released so quickly? Demonstrate the properties of a nuclear chain reaction with this creative domino-toppling activity. The demonstration starts with two sets of 112 dominoes laid out in separate patterns. One set of dominoes is arranged in a straight line. The second set of dominoes is laid out on a specially designed template, so that each domino has two dominoes in its path. When students time each event, they discover it takes several seconds to completely topple all the dominoes in a straight line. The domino-chain reaction in the second arrangement, however, is over in the blink of an eye! All materials included are reusable. 

Concepts: Fission, chain reaction, neutron capture.
Time Required: 20 minutes
Materials Provided: Domino tiles, fission tile location template.


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