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Periodic Trends Chart

Periodic Trends Chart, AP6902
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Periodic Trends Chart
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By: The Flinn Staff

The periodic table is filled with information on properties of the elements and how they relate to the elements' positions in the table. Help students understand these important trends with our new Periodic Trends Chart. Dramatically display the relationships in atomic radii, ionization energy, and electronegativity in vivid color. The elements and their property values are shaded in intensity to reflect their magnitude. Next to each table is a graph showing the trend in the property as it relates to increasing the atomic number. Students easily see how the property changes in each group and family of elements. Chart size is 32" x 48"Printed on sturdy 80# stock with a reduced-glare laminate covering. Three eyelets at the top prevent tearing, and allow for easy hanging and removal during test time.

Also available in 8˝" x 11" notebook size, pad of 30 (Catalog No. AP7227).


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