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Basketball Blaster - Super Value Laboratory Kit

Basketball Blaster -
Super Value Laboratory Kit, AP6915
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Basketball Blaster - Super Value Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Blast off to new heights! Place a marble on top of a basketball, drop them together, and the marble will shoot up to the ceiling-a real eye-opener! In this unique hands-on laboratory activity, students perform this double-ball drop and experiment with different ball combinations to determine which arrangement will create the best “basketball blaster.” Students must use the scientific method to explore the laws of conservation of momentum and energy, and identify key variables, such as compression and mass, that will affect the rebound height. The theoretical height the top ball can reach is nine times the original drop height! How high will your students' go? Marbles, mini-basketballs, Ping Pong balls, rubber balls, student worksheets, background information, and complete instructions are included.
Super Value Kit is complete for 30 students working in pairs. All materials are reusable! Meter sticks, support stands, and buret clamps are required for each lab group and available separately.


Meter Stick, Hardwood, English/Metric, 1 Meter, Plain Ends

Top quality hardwood. One side of the stick has centimeter graduations with 1-mm divisions. The other side has inch graduations with 1/8-inch divisions.
Single Buret Clamp, Plain Jaw
Inexpensive buret clamps of stamped steel. The clamp portion is made of zinc-plated iron. Will accept tube-type objects from 3/8" to 1-3/8" in diameter. Clamps are available in two forms: plain jaw or plastic-coated jaws.
Support Stand, Economy Choice
A good, but less expensive alternative to the support stands listed above. The heavy-duty rectangular base is 5 1/2" W x 8" L and provides excellent stability. The zinc-plated steel rod stands 19 1/2" high with a diameter of 3/8"....
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