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Build a Solar Cell - Photovoltaic Effect and Photosynthesis - Student Activity Kit

Build a Solar Cell - Photovoltaic Effect and Photosynthesis - Student Activity Kit, AP6916
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Build a Solar Cell - Photovoltaic Effect and Photosynthesis - Student Activity Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

The energy crisis is real! Update your curriculum today and bring the latest technological developments in solar energy research into your classroom. Dye-sensitized solar cells mimic the process that occurs in photosynthesis to harvest sunlight and convert it to electricity. Students build a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) and learn about the principles behind its operation. The solar cell consists of conductive glass plates coated with a natural dye and nanocrystalline titanium oxide at the anode, and graphite at the cathode. Light striking the dye surface is absorbed and promotes an electron to a photoexcited state. Electrons migrate through the titanium oxide film and travel through the external circuit to the cathode. The result—electricity from light!

The cells may be prepared in assembly-line fashion—plan for two hours to complete the set-up and demonstration. There are two good stopping points if the entire procedure cannot be completed at one time. Includes conductive glass plates, nanocrystalline titanium oxide, dried hibiscus petals, iodine/potassium iodide electrolyte solution, tealight candle, lens paper, ethyl alcohol, dilute nitric acid, and binder clips for the cells.

Complete with enough materials to make four solar cells. A
multimeter can be used to measure the electric characteristics of the solar cell and is available separately.


Features an easy-to-read 3¾"-digit LCD display. Auto and manual digital range selection. Rubber protective holster and foldout stand provide a safe and easy-to-use multimeter. This all-purpose multimeter comes complete with test leads and thermocouple...
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