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Puck Set, Air

Puck Set, Air AP6917
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Puck Set, Air
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By: The Flinn Staff

It's time to get moving! Explore Newton's laws of motion and get everyone involved with this classroom set of 30 air pucks. No need for an air table-the pucks float on a cushion of air above any smooth, flat surface as a result of air escaping from a balloon. Students do hands-on experiments to investigate the principles of inertia, collisions, velocity, and acceleration. The mass of the pucks can easily be changed by stacking washers or pennies on them. Kit includes reproducible student handouts, complete teacher notes with sample data and answers to all questions, 30 air pucks, and 50 balloons.

Balloons, Latex, Sphere, 5", Pkg. of 50

Helium quality latex balloons, assorted colors. Twelve-inch balloon will hold approximately 11 L of gas when fully inflated (approximately one-half of a mole).  A lecture bottle of helium will fill about five 12" balloons.
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