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Flinn Introduction to Lab Safety Chem/Physical Science Version- DVD

Introduction to Laboratory Safety AP6918, etc.
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Flinn Introduction to Lab Safety Chem/Physical Science Version- DVD
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Wow! Fantastic! Bravo! These are the comments heard from teachers who have watched the award-winning, Flinn student safety video entitled “Introduction to Laboratory Safety.” This new video is motivational, exciting to watch, and covers most of the important safety topics you will discuss with your students. The video also ties in beautifully with the Flinn Student Safety Contract and Flinn Safety Test.

Students will learn how to safely handle glassware, animals, equipment, and chemicals, and also how to use personal and classroom safety equipment. Additional topics include appropriate behavior in the lab and how to come prepared for lab. Seeing what can go wrong in the lab will help students relate to the importance of lab safety rules. A winner of a prestigious Telly Award for outstanding video production, this video will be a huge hit with your students! Available in VHS or DVD format. 15 min. 2005.

Note: Choose from a Chemistry/Physical Science version or a Life Science version.


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