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Balloon Rockets - Guided-Inquiry Kit

Balloon Rockets - Guided-Inquiry Kit, AP6927
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Balloon Rockets - Guided-Inquiry Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

It's the return of the space race! Challenge your students to build a balloon “rocket” that will travel across the classroom. This hands-on, inquiry-based lab will teach students how to design an experiment as they investigate Newton's laws of motion and rocket thrust. Students tether a balloon to fishing line stretched across the room and then must find a successful combination of orientation, drag, and thrust that will launch the balloon across the room. The task requires students to run various trials and then modify their balloon rockets based on what they learn in each trial. A fun and stimulating lab that your students will never forget!

Complete for 30 students working in pairs. A balloon refill package is available separately.


Balloons, Latex, Long, 5" x 24", Pkg. of 50

Helium quality latex balloons, assorted colors. Twelve-inch balloon will hold approximately 11 L of gas when fully inflated (approximately one-half of a mole).  A lecture bottle of helium will fill about five 12" balloons.
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