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Intermolecular Forces - Student Laboratory Kit

Intermolecular Forces - Student Laboratory Kit, AP6930
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Intermolecular Forces - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: Mark Langella, Mahopac High School, Mahopac, NY

The forces that act between molecules play a significant role in many aspects of chemistry. The boiling point of liquids and the solubility of solids, even the structure of DNA and proteins, all depend on intermolecular forces. This activity consists of six short tests to investigate the effect of intermolecular forces on the properties of compounds. Students observe and compare the surface tension, capillary action, evaporation, cohesion, and solubility of different compounds. The results allow students to determine the requirements and relative strengths of dipole-dipole interactions, hydrogen bonding, and London dispersion forces. Kit includes ethyl alcohol, micro-tip pipets, glass and plastic slides, microspatulas, capillary tubes, and Petri dishes, along with reproducible student handouts, detailed background information and complete Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to all questions.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs.

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