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Simple Machines - Student Laboratory Kit

Simple Machines-Student Laboratory Kit AP6931
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Simple Machines - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

How effective are different simple machines in certain tasks? Use this comprehensive lab kit to allow students to experiment with four types of simple machines-the inclined plane, pulley, gears and levers-and study the advantages of each. Students will learn about gear ratios, first-, second- and third-class levers, pulley combinations, and the mechanical advantage of each simple machine. By comparing the mechanical advantage of different simple machines, students can determine which setup provides the most benefits. The lab stations are easy to set up-student groups rotate through each lab station, experimenting with one simple machine at a time. All of the lab activities can be completed in two class periods.

One inclined plane, two gear sets, one lever set, three pulley sets, a set of 100-g masses, and complete instructions, with background information, student worksheets, sample data and answers to all questions, are provided. Standard laboratory equipment, such as support stands, clamps, 250-g spring scales, and meter sticks, are required but not included.

Complete for seven student groups.


Spring Scales, Pull-type, 250-g/2.5 N, Pkg./6
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