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Science of Sailing - Refill Kit

Science of Sailing-Student Laboratory Kit AP6933
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Science of Sailing - Refill Kit
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Ever wonder how a sailboat travels into the wind? Investigate the science behind this remarkable feat by building and experimenting with a basic sail car.

This fun, hands-on activity provides a real-world application of Newton's third law—also called the law of action-reaction—as well as Bernoulli's principle. During their experiments, students discover the advantages and disadvantages of both a triangular sail and a square sail-only one will provide forward motion into the wind. An educational way to learn the basics of sailing, without getting your feet wet! Kit includes complete reproducible student handouts and instructions with sample data and answers to all questions.

Complete for eight student groups. All materials are reusable. Minimal assembly is required. Refill kit replenishes the consumable materials. Includes Flinn Exclusive STEM Integration Guide!


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