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Waves and Sound - Student Laboratory Kit

Waves and Sound- Student Laboratory Kit AP7014
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Waves and Sound - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Comprehensive kit consists of five hands-on experiments to explore the properties of waves and sound.

• Using springs, students study longitudinal and transverse waves, and learn important concepts such as frequency, amplitude and period.
• Observing the motion of three waves traveling at the same speed allows students to see how wavelength and frequency are related.
• Wave interference is investigated using simulated point-source circles of different “wavelengths.” Constructive and destructive interference patterns are clearly seen.
• Next, students experiment with a telescoping resonance tube and tuning forks to determine the speed of sound in air.
• Students continue their study of resonance as they experiment with a variety of solid rods and tubes to examine the variables that affect the frequency at which they resonate. By rotating the “singing rod” students will clearly recognize the meaning of the Doppler effect.

Easy-to-set-up activity lab stations allow different student groups to investigate a specific aspect of waves and sound. Once one activity is completed, students move on to the next lab station. Detailed instructions, Teacher Notes and all the necessary materials are provided.
Complete for 30 students working in groups of three.


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