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Investigating Electricity - Activity-Stations Kit

Investigating Electricity - Activity-Stations Kit, AP7019
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Investigating Electricity - Activity-Stations Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Discover the basic principles of electricity with this “series” of four engaging, hands-on experiments. Students explore the concepts of electric current and voltage in series and parallel circuits. Using friction rods, friction pads, and an electroscope, students learn about electrostatics. Then they compare different electrochemical cells to determine which one produces the most electricity. Finally, students determine how the thickness and length of a wire affect its electrical resistance. Comprehensive “activity-stations” kit is ideal for either introductory- or advanced-level classes. Easy-to-set-up lab stations allow different student groups to work independently to investigate a specific aspect of electricity. After completing one activity, students move on to the next lab station. Detailed instructions and Teacher Notes are provided. Standard laboratory equipment and 6-Volt and 1.5-Volt batteries are required, but not included.

Enough materials for a class of thirty students working in groups of three.


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