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Of Maggots and Murder - Forensic Entomology Laboratory Kit

Of Maggots and Murder - Forensic Entomology Laboratory Kit, AP7028
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Of Maggots and Murder - Forensic Entomology Laboratory Kit
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By: Lisa Carloye
Washington State University, Pullman WA

Delve deeper into the world of forensic science with this student-captivating activity. Students will investigate a possible homicide using unusual clues that may break the case—maggots! Determining the living conditions and growth habitats of maggots helps forensic scientists calculate an approximate time of death. Was it murder? Students learn how to collect evidence and relevant data and use the information to solve the case. Simulated maggots will be used to determine the time and cause of death for four different simulated crime scenes. Materials may be saved and reused for future use. A must have forensic science activity!

Complete for 30 students working pairs.

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