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Solubility Races - Scientific Method Guided-Inquiry Kit

Solubility Races - Scientific Method Guided-Inquiry Kit, AP7058
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Solubility Races - Scientific Method Guided-Inquiry Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

The best way to teach the scientific method is to actually use the scientific method! In this guided-inquiry lab, students determine how different factors will affect the rate at which a solid dissolves in a liquid by following the steps of the scientific method. Students devise experiments to measure the effects of each variable, conduct the necessary tests, and analyze and graph the results. Supplementary information is provided in the teacher notes so that the lab may be performed as either a student-designed experiment or as a more conventional experiment with step-by-step instructions. Includes reproducible student handouts, detailed background information, complete Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to all questions, and all necessary chemicals and consumable supplies.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs. Super Value Kit is complete for 5 classes of 30 students working in pairs.


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