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Center of Gravity Demostration Set

Center of Gravity Demonstration Set AP7068
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Center of Gravity Demostration Set
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By: The Flinn Staff

Balance your physical science curriculum with our most popular center of gravity demonstrations-all available in one complete set! Quickly show your students how to locate the center of gravity of an object using a hanging plumb line. Watch the object rotate smoothly when spun around its center of gravity, but lopsidedly when spun at other locations. Locate the center of gravity of an irregular foam shape and mark it with a white dot. Toss the foam object into the air and observe parabolic path of the white dot while the object as a whole appears to wobble. Defy gravity with the Balancing Bottle and Finger Balance. These easy-to-set-up balancing devices will amaze your students year-round! Four demonstrations are provided and all the materials are completely reusable. Teacher demonstration notes are included.

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