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Cleaning Up with Iron Demonstration Kit

Cleaning Up with Iron Demonstration Kit AP7091
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Cleaning Up with Iron Demonstration Kit
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Demonstrate the “potential” of using metallic iron to clean up contaminated groundwater! The chemical principle is simple-iron is a good reducing agent. It reduces toxic organic compounds, such as chlorinated solvents, and converts them to less harmful substances. In this demonstration, organic dyes are used as model substrates to illustrate the ability of metallic iron to reduce organic compounds. Interesting background information provided with the kit relates the color changes that are observed in this demonstration to the properties of permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) containing iron. PRBs are an excellent example of new technology that was created to solve environmental problems. Since 1994, when they were first invented, PRBs have been installed at more than 50 hazardous waste sites across the country! Use this simple demonstration to show students how advances in “simple science” have improved our lives and our environment. Contains enough chemicals to perform the demonstration as written seven times.

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