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"Visualizing the Transition State" - Demonstration Model

"Visualizing the Transition State" -
Demonstration Model, AP7104
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"Visualizing the Transition State" - Demonstration Model
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By: Jeff Fieberg
Centre College, Danville, KY

Kinetics concepts are by nature abstract. How do you explain to students that the transition state lies at the “top of a potential energy barrier” and is “inherently unstable?” Demonstrate the properties of the transition state or activated complex with this unique, colorful demonstration device—a plastic ball that suddenly switches inside and out when tossed into the air with just the right amount of spin. Simply toss the ball into the air and watch as it inverts and changes color. The magical, color-flipping toy models a chemical reaction in which a reactant must pass through an unstable transition-state configuration before it is converted to a product. To prove the point, pull the “switch-pitch” ball apart until it is fully extended, and place it on a table. The ball will immediately collapse back to either its “reactant” or “product” state. Use this novel teaching aid to make learning both meaningful and fun!
Concepts: Chemical kinetics, transition state theory, activated complex.
Time Required: 10 minutes
Materials Provided: “Switch-Pitch” transition state model.


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